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About Us

#1: We're Selective.

At Carlaw Park Die Hards we have investigated thousands of potential Rugby League products, yet only a select few make it onto the website just like past players who made it onto the field of dreams.

Why? Because we believe in selling you the most "Legendary" Rugby League products in the world. Plus they've got to pass the DHT (Die Hards Test). Trust us, it's as hard as a Carlaw Park Hand Shake.

#2: The Videos!

We're not just here to sell you stuff. We genuinely want you, your friends and family to view all the Carlaw Park Die Hards TV interviews with our games true die hard "Legends". We have created theses informative, humorous, mean as - and sometimes emotional  interviews to showcase some of New Zealand's Rugby League "Legends" When men played a full 80mins with only 2 reserves. The list of Rugby League Legends filmed is long and there are so many more to come...stay tuned and free to view.

#3: Same Day Shipping

Please note that same day shipping does not mean your order will arrive the same day that you placed the order. That would require a teleportation machine and these are on back order until the 2045 NRL season. Currently we have a 10 business day turn around time for dispatch. Your order in most cases will in fact be dispatch before the 10 day period we just like to manage expectations as we settle in over the next few months.

#4: Know Your Purchase

You want to have a 100% confidence and know exactly what your buying, right?. Right. Many shops make it hard to get familiar with their range and products by just coughing up the same product description (stink) and photos (double stink). Hell they've probably never even opened the item or even worn it.

At Carlaw Park Die Hards we try to involve players photos and images from our massive Carlaw Park Die Hards Facebook page  and we produce our own videos of dead set die hard "Legends" in our gear! You try asking Sumo, KT or Big O to wear a no name brand made in China; 1, it wouldn't fit and 2, you'd be given a crack. We think you deserve this attention to details so you can purchase with complete confidence.

Plus we are not going through all the hard yards unless we know the product is "Legendary" So if it's in Carlaw Park Die Hards On-Line Store you know it's certified awesome (as evidence just ask a legend).

#5: We're fanatical about customer service

Our obsession with customer service starts at the top of the team.The Team Manager, Troy Hardy, reads every single email that you send. This allows him, when necessary, to take immediate action to fix a problem or to pass it along the back line to one of our customer service reps.

We have real humans at the end of our phone line awaiting your call. During normal business hours you can speak to a live human who works at Carlaw Park Die Hards if we are all in the office? If not leave message and we will return your call as soon as we walk back in. Outside of our business hours, please leave us a message or send us an email. We will respond as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

Additionally, our team is up to speed about every product we sell.So if you have a question (no matter what it is), we can answer it or we will do everything in our power to cover the ground to find the answer. In fact, we've answered in some cases before being asked.

#6: Carlaw Park Die Hards Stock

Every product on Carlaw Park Die Hards site is in stock most of the time and ready to ship. However from time to time just like players who get injured we maybe out of stock in your size or colour and we may suggest a substitute as in a "similar product". Failing that we rehab (await restock) and inform you directly to make a choice of what you wish to do. With some of our products as Limited Edition and or Actual Players Gear you will find that we will indent limited runs on an item to secure products or it may well be first in best dressed. Hey that's what happens with rare items. Sometimes a team may do well in a Tournament or Competition and the suppliers may miss forecasting the volume (on a Jersey for example)  and just out of stock due to fan demand. If and when this happens we will try to back order the item to secure next shipment for our Die Hard Fans.

#7: We ship worldwide

We can ship to most countries especially where we have played test matches. If you want it, we can get it to you. (Within reason, of course. We certainly can't ship to the top of Mount Hagen in Papua New Guinea. Maybe we drop it at the town's main hotel, the Highlander, which formerly looked out over parkland and the town's coffee market, is now surrounded by a corrugated iron fence. Via Port Moresby)

#8: Plenty of payment options

Unfortunately, we can't give away all our products for free. Stink I know?

However, we do accept the two major forms of credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) Paypal and Bank Direct Credit. However you want to pay, we'll take it!

#9: The Team will back up and be accounted for!

The entire team at Carlaw Park Die Hards is so committed to your satisfaction that we eagerly welcome any and all questions about every "Legendary" product on our site.

Our eMail Enquiry feature allows you to ask a question and receive a response directly from team within one business day. Remember if you are overseas New Zealand is already hours in front of you and in some countries a day so keep in mind we are in your future. You could contact us Sunday your time and we are already having Monday morning coffee at work waiting for you. Don't try us Friday though as we will be at Saturday Footy oh and also our business day might be while your asleep.

Ask whatever you need to know about our gear we know our products so well, we've had no problem answering burning questions to date.

Need more reasons why Carlaw Park Die Hards is "Legendary"? Check out our latest product click here.