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Carlaw Park Legends & The Field of Dreams


Carlaw Park Legend Series 
The Interviews

Kevin Tamati | Preview

Kevin Tamati | Talks Hancock Hit

Kevin Tamati | Talks Greg Dowling Fight

Kevin Tamati | Talks Les Boyd

Kevin Tamati | Talks Life & Northcote Tigers


Olsen Filipaina | Preview

Olsen Filipaina | Tracing Footsteps  

Olsen Filipaina | 85 Tears of Pride
Carlaw Park Die Hards James (copy)Join us as we turn the clock back on the field of dreams...welcome to Carlaw Park Die Hards "Legendary" we have all the inside memories from some of New Zealand's greatest players.
Welcome to the field of dreams
Carlaw Park Die Hards Legend Mark Graham(copy)(copy)"Legends" Carlaw Park TV release latest trailer for first memory of Carlaw Park for Gary Prohm, Dean Bell and Mark Graham. Test Legends when men played a full 80 mins and no one comes off unless had two reserves and when you finished playing you went to work Monday morning. "Legendary"   
Carlaw Park Die Hards Legend Howie Tamati(copy)We interviewed Howie Tamati and Kevin Tamati,  both Legends of the game. Howie is now the President of the New Zealand Rugby League. He talks to us about his favourite test match and contested scrums.  
Carlaw Park Die Hards Legend Shane Varley(copy)Hear from Shane Varley as he turned on a blinder in the 83 Test vs Australia. Shane touches on his first  match at Carlaw right through to his last Test Match there on the famous ground. Stay tuned there is some great stuff to be released.  
Carlaw Park Dies Hards Legend Olsen Filipaina(copy)(copy)Carlaw Park TV ask legends about their first time on the field of dreams.Carlaw Park the spiritual home of New Zealand Rugby League. Over the following months we will be releasing each Legends news and views of hardest player, biggest hitter through to most memorable match.
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Carlaw Park Die hards Legend Graham Lowe(copy)Carlaw Park the spiritual home of New Zealand Rugby League. Not only have we interviewed the players we have also got in front of Legend Coach Graham Lowe. See him get emotional around what impact Carlaw Park had on him as a child.