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Rugby League Team Photos Legends Collection

Rugby League Team Photos Legends Collection

Carlaw Park Die Hards Ltd is authenticated - authorised re-seller of traditional Rugby League sports team photos of J.E. Farrelly (1950's - 70's) J&J Farrelly (1970's-80's) and Farrelly Photos (1980's - current) 

Genuine Traditional Legendary Team Photos.

The Ulitmate Gift to completly blow away the Footy Legend in your family. If you need to replace the lost original or your current faded damaged League Team photos now you can. You may you just want a new one for the man cave whatever the reason you can now purchase with confidence the authentic genuine article as per the day the Team Photo was taken. Legendary!

TRADITIONAL MOUNTED PRODUCT - utilise a true-photographic 10-inch wide print, mounted to heavy card (11x14 inch overall) with team details printed, and are supplied laminated.Printing details are as originally supplied (ie spellings of names etc are as per those signed-off upon by the then team manager) unless we have since been advised of corrections.

We currently stock a Core Range of Team Photos that are production ready for dispatch. Additionally we can reproduce from any of our extensive Catalogue Range which requires digitisation and full production for the first print at a higher premium cost. NB Please note however this is only on the first unit there after we add that Team Photo to our Core Range and you can then purchase one offs at standard price.

We have thousands of Team Photos from many Rugby League Clubs at all age being added all the time to the "Legends Collection"
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Carlaw Park Die Hards Legends Photos